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Carb Timing for a Type 1?

Hey Coach,
I’m trying to figure out my workout supplementation strategy. I’m somewhere between a type 1a and 1b, but my lifting tendencies lean more heavily 1A, so that’s what I’ve been working off of. Right now I’ve been having Plazma pre and intra-workout, but after reading and watching basically everything you’ve put out about the neurotypes, I’m not sure if this is the best approach. Should I avoid the plazma pre-workout and just consume it during? Or even just save it for after? Right now I have to follow a higher volume per session because I’m an athlete and have team lifts and our program is higher volume and lower frequency based (although on off days sometimes I’ll still go in and hit some low volume heavy work that doesn’t interfere with the main program). Love your work and would appreciate any ideas you having regarding this.