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Carb Strategy



Im currently using a cutting strategy based around the Velocity diet. I plan to continue to hopefully lower my bodyfat after this period ends (9 days). Iv been reading your thread, "Thibs gets ripped" along with answers to my previous questions. I notice that you use ketogenic diets for leaning down. However, my aim, ambitious as it is, is to add some size to legs and sholders while maintaining or slightly increasing other body-parts.

Is it unrealistic to expect a slow but steady drop in body fat (over say 12-15 weeks) while using a diet looking like this and following either I,Bodybuilder or another one of your programs. (i go to the gym around 11:30-1:00 most days

Upon waking (before low intensity cardio): 1 scoop whey isolate with 1 shot of espresso, 5g fish oil
Breakfast: 4 large egg omlette, 3 lean cuts bacon, small amount of cheese, handful spinach, large cup green tea
Workout-30: 1 serving pre-workout blend
Workout-10: 1 serving post-workout blend
During workout: Sip serving of pre-workout blend
Workout+15: serving of whey supplement
Solid meal: Chicken with brocilli
Meal 3: tuna with cucumber
Dinner: beef or fish with leafy green veg
Before bed: micellar casein and whey with ZMA, 5-HTP, glycine

Also, how would i alter this if i have to workout in the evening and how would i alter it if im preferencing growth in legs and sholders.