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Carb sources?


Not much for carbs now but thinking about the winter and fall, oatmeal, brown rice and sweet potatoes, how do you cook the sweet potatoes? i would like to cook a bunch and re-heat em so what is the method? What are you guys doing for carb sources? THANKS


you can grill em, microwave then mash them, dice em, splice em or man up and pull it from the ground and eat it. I dont really like them plain so a little applesauce and cinnamon post wod is good. Google "sweet potatoe recipes"


Sweet Potatoes roasted in oven with garlic and a bit of olive oil......nice
Or microwave does the job!
Carb sources......you pretty much have them covered, occasionally have burgen bread.


I love cinnamon and butter on sweet potatoes. Nutmeg also goes well with sweet potatoes. A lot of times I'll also substitute quinoa for rice. I just like the flavor better and it has an awesome nutritional profile.


Chop them up into circles and put in a frying pan with coconut oil or olive oil. Yam homefries are freakin delicous. Good by themselves, but you can season if you're feeling feisty. An onion and herb blend is good, or just chili powder, or cinnamon if you want something more sweet. They'll take a little while to cook, be sure to let them get browned and crispy on the edges.


If you are doing the bulk cooking method, which it sounds like you are, the easiest way to cook sweet potatoes IMO is lay down tin foil in the oven (those that have cooked them know that they drip everywhere) and just bake them until soft then refrigerate.

There are more 'exotic' ways to cook them, but when cooking in bulk, this has been the easiest way for me.


Fuck yes for tubers, man. Don't neglect regular potatoes too..or yuca root..or a really unripe, green plaintain.

I think if people switched to pure starches like white rice and tubers..they'd see that carbs are good.


Oh...For potatoes..I like to nuke them if I need them quickly..or I simply boil them with the skin on (cleaned) and mashed them up. Or..I'll fry them in olive oil or coconut oil depending. To be honest, frying isn't that bad if you use coconut oil especially..a little bit goes a long way in a non stick pan..I swear a half tablespoon will fry up two big potatoes sliced up.

For plantains..I like them real GREEN..almost pure starch..little to no sweetness. I slice off the ends..and then slice the rest up with the skin on. Boil water with a dash of salt in it...then add the plantains..let them boil for like 10-15 minutes. You just slit the skins and they peel right off. Put salt and pepper on that, maybe some butter if you want.

Like others have said..if you are looking to make potatoes in bulk, then the best way is to foil them up and put them in the oven and bake a bunch at a time. You can then eat them cold or reheat them in the microwave.

Rice is pretty self explanatory...But, I don't typically cook rice in bulk..more what I'm going to eat at that time. I feel I can more accurately measure the macros of rice when it's dry. You can go by 1 cup of cooked rice as a serving, but sometimes depending on how much water was absorbed..this isn't as accurate as a dry measure or weight measure. Not sure if you are that spot on about shit though.


I've been doing the oven thing for a while and I found it was a bit of a mess to peel with my hands so now I just eat the whole thing skin and all. And yeah the skin is edible... I checked...


That's a great point. I agree.


To me, throwing away the skin of the potato is like tossing the egg yolk; a waste. There's nothing wrong with white rice or regular potatoes if you don't like sweet potatoes. Also remember to eat some fruit.

I nuke em, slice them up and put them on top of the 10 oz or so of chicken, pork or steak I bring to work for lunch. I usually prep 2 or 3 lunches at a time, keep them in the fridge at work, then reheat them in the microwave.


Veggies have carbs. Not sure if a lot of people count them? I eat/use veggies as carbs for my first meal.

Make sure you eat mostly protein and healthy fats for breakfast, then more carbs a few hours later. Always include some kinda of veggie for breakfast.


I microwave my sweet potatoes, taste pretty damn good, easy as fuck too


Love tubers in all forms, but as Facko pointed out, can be difficult to accurately measure macros without a food scale. Personally, old fashioned oats with chocolate protein/splenda/cinnamon FTW...


Did this earlier today. Really tasty.

If you have the time use the oven.

Highly recommended either way.


for cooking sweet potatoes for me you cant beat in the over with some olive oil and garlic, i like to chuck in some parsnips and carrots too but that's up to you.

for other carb sources i love rice cakes, good sub for bread and really handy as a quick snack when you cant be arsed or dont have time to cook.


It's not a good substitute for bread. It kills bread. Rice cakes are legit white rice...it's just cooked with pressure I believe..so just as good as regular white rice.

Pure starch source..great for athletes and bodybuilders. Highly recommend over bread. Fuck bread actually.


yeah maybe i should have phrases that differently.

I DO NOT EAT BREAD, when i said a sub for bread i meant i use it instead of bread to make "sandwiches"

as a matter of fact i dont eat most grains apart from rice and oats

so yeah - agree

fuck bread