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Carb Sources?

Hi guys. I’ve been lurking on TNation for a while now, reading the artciles and forums.
I’ve got a good understanding as far as the training goes (I know i still have much to learn).
However, the nutrition side i get a bit lost on.

My question is simple, yet im guessing i’ll get mixed answeres. I’ve read Christian tee-boh-doh’s nutrition article and according to him all my carbs should come from fruit and veg. I’ve been getting my carbs primarily from oats, brown rice, sweet potatoes, brown pasta all accompanied with veg.

I tried veg alone and that nowhere near gives me enough carbs and doesnt fill me up what so ever. I’m training for size so i know i need a certain amount of carbs to put size on.

Do all of you live off veg for your main source of carbs? I’m hoping i get definate answers because i feel like im “cheating” when eating grains for carbs.


[quote]Bricky wrote:
Do all of you live off veg for your main source of carbs? I’m hoping i get definate answers because i feel like im “cheating” when eating grains for carbs.

You should be ashamed of your grain intake. Kidding, but there is gonna be guys telling you grains are fine and some will say grains are detrimental. I don’t do well on grains and don’t recommend them.

Veges offer little carb intake where fruits have much more. Still, it;'s hard to get enough carbs from fruit alone. Try quinoa. Liquid carbs around your training is the easiest way to go.

here is Christian discussing this very issue…

No, we don’t. And there hasn’t been one first rate bodybuilder or athlete EVER who didn’t consume grains.

Have fun consuming 4,000+ calories with a 50+% carb allotment with all of that allotment coming from fruits and vegetables.

You read his article. Which one? The guy has written HUNDREDS!

You need your thinking rearranged if you think a bowl of rice or oatmeal or a baked potato is a cheat meal.

And even though CT is a first rate trainer, it doesn’t mean he’s the be-all-end-all on all things nutrition and exercise. Same goes for every other trainer or nutritionist/dietitian.

What if YOU do just fine - or EXCELLENT - with grain intake. What if you can maintain great body composition with grain intake. He writes an article for THOUSANDS of people to read, and he’s going by GENERAL rules based on what he’s seen work for MANY or MOST people, not individual cases that can only be addressed in personal training sessions and nutrition consultations. And every author will tell you the same thing - GENERAL articles for the GENERAL population, not individual articles geared towards every individual T-mag poster.

There are also nutritionists who put most of their clients on high carb diets (eg, Chris Aceto) and high fat diets (eg, Dave Palumbo).

Eventually all of us have to try some things and figure out what works for us.

And for the thousands time (yeah, sort of being a dick here): I just don’t get why nearly everyone on here has to seek approval before trying some things. Why not get into a friggin’ gym or kitchen, start working out and preparing some meals, and see what the heck happens in one month. If it doesn’t work, make some changes or adjustments. If it does work, continue.

PWO carbs for me are natrual yogurt , banana , whey n cheerios rest of the day all my carbs come from veg’s

Try quinoa. It’s kinda like couscous – lots of fiber, vitamins, and a surprisingly good amino acid profile for a grain (seed in this case), though that’s not too important if you’re eating meat and eggs. Oh, and it’s pronounced keen-wah if you have to ask a store employee where to find it

Brick nailed it on the head,

Also i don’t remember CT writing to eat only veggies and fruit for mass gaining…ever. I could be wrong though. If what your doing works for you, as in if your getting good gains and making consistent progress with your current methods, then an article should NEVER make you change your entire philosophy. Add something? Sure. Give you an idea to rationally test for your self? Hell yes. Turn your world upside down when your progressing as is? no…no…NO!!

Do what works for you.
Push weights, eat big, get big.