Carb sources

Brown rice, potatoes, yams, cream of wheat, maltomeal, to name a few.

whole grain wheat is good as are sweet potatoes and most if not all vegies. Heard Yucca is good but never tried it myself.


I eat a lot of pasta (about 40g a cup (cooked), baked potato (about 50g for 7 oz.), rice (about 40g a cup), and Sara Lee makes a honey wheat bagel that has 50g of carbs and is GREAT for “on the go”. I also like bananas (27g) and apples (21g) as they are also great on the go. I know some of this stuff was in the “OK” section and I don’t know if it will work for you. Good luck!

I eat 3 servings of fruit/day. One can of sugar & fat free yogurt, 1 apple, and 1 banana, all consumed in different meals. Would you consider 3 pieces too much since these are not usable by the muscles?

What carb sources are best for an individual
really depends on that individuals goals (ie
fat loss or muscle gain) and how good that
individuals insulin sensitivity is. So
there really is a one size fits all carb

Some good carb sources (in general) are: brown rice, but not white rice; white or new potatoes - boiled. How you prepare potatoes makes a big difference (eg baking vs boiling) and white and new potatoes have a lower GI than baking potatoes. "Yams" and sweet potatoes are good, but they contain more fructose than might be optimal. Durum (brown) pasta is ok, as it raises insulin less than white pasta (unless you are trying to spike your insulin). Beans are also generally a good low GI/II carb source. (Unfortunately, most of these aren't good while "on the go.")

I have to take issue with the suggestion that bread or cream of wheat is a good carb source. They can be useful *if* you have really good insulin sensitivity *and* if you are focusing on muscle gain or on a steroid cycle. But otherwise, for most people, especially those with poor insulin sensitivity, bread is a recipe for rapid fat gain.

But there is also another problem with refined wheat products, if you are using JB's split P+C or P+F meals. Some studies have demonstrated that refined wheat products (excluding pasta) such as bread and cream of wheat cause a very long lasting spike of insulin (like 8-9 hours). Compare this to something like dextrose that may cause a large glucose/insulin response, but only lasts for about 2 hours. This long duration response from wheat is a problem if you eat a P+C meal that includes wheat, and then a few hours later eat a P+F meal. You're going to still have high blood insulin levels at the time you ingest the P+F meal, which is bad. Also, these pereiods of prolonged exposure to relatively high levels of insulin can lead to insulin resistance in those prone to developing that. So IMHO, the scope of which bread can be a useful tool is very narrow, and should otherwise be avoided most of the time, by most people.

What about fat free yogurt with or without fruit. John did say granola or All Bran, All Bran with extra fiber, or Fiber One are all good carb sources. Although, the use of an artificial sweetener is needed to make some of this stuff palatable.

What do all of you think about Carb Powders? I used to use one mixed with water that had about 80g of carbs per serving (I didn’t usually take full servings), about 25 of which were sugars. I liked it because it was good on the go.

bannanas on the go are pretty terrible imo

The carb powders are maltodextrin (like in Surge) and are extremely high glycemic and are designed for an insulin surge AFTER training to replace glycogen and, as such, would make a terrible (the worst) type of carb to consume at any time other than as glycogen replacement supp after WO. They’ll give you a heck of an insulin surge if thats what you’re looking for.

yeah, looks like i will have to look up that old bb chile recipe and make a tub full! some good ol’ lean ground turkey and beans sounds like the way to go for me. thx for the replies fellas. = Kburnin’ =