Carb sources

I recently went back and reviewed the foods that make you look good nekid article, and besides oatmeal, there is NO other foods with a decent amount of carbs listed in “The good stuff” section with the exeption of oatmeal (of course). So, i was just wondering what kind of carbs. all you T-maniacs eat daily. Excluding the obvious oatmeal, post-workout shake, and fruits, what other “good” sources of carbs. is there? what are some of the best on-the-go carbs? thx = Kburnin’ =

Besides the ones you mention i use green vegetables, like broculi, spinach and brussels sprouts. When bulking i take 500 g of these a day. I dont have the exact nunber of carbs at hand.

Natural unsweetened muesli, brown rice, brown pasta, oats. A piece of fruit now and then. Unsweetened corn flakes postworkout. That’s it.

Hmm. The carb phobia is high when someone lists brussel sprouts and broccoli as good sources of carbs. Broccoli isn’t really an on the go carb either since it’s tough to eat 2 pounds of it on the go. Anyway, to the question. Any type of whole grain is good, wheat, corn etc., beans are good sources, and white and sweet potatoes are good sources. Some will say to avoid these sources, but they are wrong. These sources of carbohydrates provide the energy necessary to have intense workouts and to think clearly.

wheat bread… no fat milk,

Other than the oatmeal, most of my carbs come from sweet potatos, brown rice, and vegetables.

Protein enriched pasta is one of the good ones.

because I’m using JB’s eating plan (P+C, P+F) most of my carbs are decently gylcemic, so that they can digest quickly enough to end their insulin burst. Hence, breads, spagetti, potatoes, etc. are all okay in my books. As long as I’m only eating them with protein. Fruit is pretty common too. I mean, eating 400g of only oatmeal every day would be very tough.

Short-grain Brown Rice, sweet potatoes (yams), whole wheat bread and pasta are all excellent carb sources for bulking. As mentioned, vegetables are also good, such as spinach, corn, broccoli, carrots. On the go carbs from the list above depends. Rice, bread, pasta, and veggies could all qualify I suppose.

Sweet potatoes are my favorite. But as long as you stay as close to natural as possible rice, potatoes and even pasta isn’t all that bad, in particular if you take them together with vegetables (careful with pasta maybe - some people have problems with that). But I also have to mention that I am not the ‘extreme’ type. I like to eat a variety of different things and I never experienced any difference when changing my main source of carbs. Then again I’m usually around 8-10% BF and never went down to 4% or so. In that case I could easily see that my body would become far more sensitive to changes in my diet. In other words the less you eat the more quality counts.

The best on the go carbs are fruits. They are conveniantly 'packed and wrapped', don't need to be prepared.

Carb content really depends on dietary needs. If on low carbs, I try to take in primarily veggies, beans, fruit, sprouted grain bread and some oatmeal. When on a higher carb diet, I have to include most sources of carbs, but I avoid highly refined sugars. I’ll eat rice, pasta, higher calorie bread, yogurt, potatoes and drink more MRPs.

beans are a good source of low glycemic carbs. i like to make my own chilli using chicken or very lean ground beef. 1/2 equals about 25 grms of carbs and 5 grams of fiber

Best on the go carbs are fruits, such as an apple, banana, or pear that you can carry around in your bag. No cooking required. Just wash them (or peel in case of banana) and eat them. :slight_smile: And fruits do have a good amount of carb IMHO. Most nutritional sites say an apple has about 20 g of carb, but thats for 4.9 oz apple. Most apples weigh close to 10oz.

keep in mind, the green veggies may not be supplying the true amount per gram you think. In other words keep in mind fiber content and what really ends up as glucose and eventually glycogen, muscle or liver (fruit/liver?) I eat mostly whole oats, yams, and some whole wheat pasta and brown rice. MRPS typically will supply 15 to 25 grams of carbs.

Actually, I don’t think fruits are a good
carb source, though small amounts are OK.
(Fructose cannot be used by muscles.)

Bread is a perfectly good carb source for
on the go. The only issue of whether it makes you look good or not, is how much you eat, and whether it’s along with protein (good), by itself (not so good), or combined only or mostly with fats (bad.)

Restless has some good carbs, I also get some slow burning carbs from sweet potatoes and yams.

Beans - red or black beans are good mixed with cottage cheese and lots of salsa/hot sauce.

rice and pasta

like restless said, green veggies. for complex, once you have oatmeal coming out of your skin, try yams and whole grain rice

Nuts are a great source of complex carbs, good fats, and fibre.