Carb Sources and Ethnic Background

Hey CT, I saw in the recent LiveSpill post that Daryl has rice instead of potatoes etc and the other guys have potatoes because you say Asian people handle rice better. Question is, I am half Japanese and half Irish so would think I’m a bit bastardised on both sides.

Current stats are 5ft7, 80kg and 20% bf, my main goal at the moment is to increase muscle mass and strength since I have a powerlifitng meet in 12 weeks.

What I’m doing at the moment is a paleo type of diet (P+F meals) and a P+C meal consisting of sweet potato/chicken breast post w/o.

So I’d like to know your suggestions on carb sources I could/should have and at what other times besides post w/o?

Training is basically a 5 day split focusing on 3 main lifts for three days a week and bodybuilding work in there for all 5 days.