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Carb Sensitivity

Hey all,

I forgot the authors of some of the articles on here, but I know that a time or two someone has said that “not many Americans can handle or should handle more than 100 grams of carbs/day.” I think this was related to the Velocity Diet and Shugart may have wrote this. Again I’m not certain. Anyway, I think that I am one of these people who should really watch carb intake. My question is this. What does this mean, in the big picture, in relation to my ability to build muscle? Since carbs have a protein-sparing effect and I can’t handle many of them, does that mean that I have to eat more protein to ensure I have enough to build with?
Also, should I be certain to include ample amounts of chromium, alpha lipoic acid and cinnamon in my diet to help keep any possible extra carbs shuttled away from fat storage?
Are there any benefits to being carb-sensitive? We know the disadvantages-extra fat accumalation.
Finally, is there any hard and fast way to really judge if one is extra-sensitive, besides the obvious fact of holding onto or gaining fat mass easily?


I’m beginning to feel as though insulin sensitivity (I despise using the general term) is inversely regulated with one’s anabolic state.

I’m not sure if this is whole body or tissue specific…

Don’t mind me, I’m just thinking aloud.


How is life up North? Are you ready for the Midwest to rock your part of the world in a month or so?

Go to the gym. workout. Do this on a frequent basis. 86 the chromium, ala , idea- Then do a search on here for nutrition articles by John Berardi. If you want to use cinnamon, put it on your morning oatmeal. All of the above will help your " carb sensitivity"

Interesting thread, I seem to be very carb sensitive as well.

Cy Willson wrote that if you are carb sensitive you could eat something high in the GI and feel “pumped.”

Previously, whenever I would do something like that, I’d drowsy if anything, indicating poor insulin sensitivity I suppose. After following the V-diet, that’s no longer the case. Don Alessi’s article called cheat to win exlains how to bolster insulin sensitivity in 28. The V-diet follows many of the principals in the article and when I put it into practice, it worked like a charm.