Carb Rotation Question

hello there guys i want to start rotating my carbs but not sure how to set it up well i gonna tell u how much steps i do on my work days work trening days free days feee days with trening well thats complicated thats why i need ur help xD

Works days: 15000-20000 steps

Work days + trening days 25000-30000 steps

Free days: 4000-10000 steps depends what my whife have in plans gouing up to 15000

Free days + trening days: 15000-20000 steps

Actually my maintain calories are 3500
160g protein 80 fat 450 carbs. Its ±
Any ideas how to set it up ?

Easy way is to go high, medium, low

Set your medium days at 450 (since that’s what you’re doing now). Those could probably be your free + training days. Have 3 of these.

Add 20% (so 540 here) and make those your high days. Those should be work plus training days. You get two of those.

The final two will be your low days, and you’ll take away 20%, making them 360.

You could try to manipulate fats to make your calories the same each day, but you don’t have to and I probably wouldn’t in this case.

Treat it as an experiment to see what’s working for you.

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So lets say my bulk will be at 3800 kalories.
Cuz its gonna be lean one.

Training + work 4000
Training + no work 3550
No work and no work training 3100

Sure. I’d be more likely to make the medium days right at 3800, so the math is easier as I adjust over the course of the diet, but it’s whatever works for you.

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Thanks for ur help.
Well there will be alot of hard days some medium and less low in my case.
But im happy to start bulking again from 10% body fat.
Today i did 135kg 3x squad but failed at 130kg 4x i droped the bar behind but thank god didnt got injured XD Ppl was staring at me and i say failure bro XD
Btw. i do progresson pyramidal but other way its good way that i do 135kg 3x 130kg 4x 125kg 5x and 120kg 6x or should i do less kg with next set or 5 kg is good difference spot ??

I may not be understanding correctly. Are you saying a squat day looks like:
135kg x 3 reps
130kg x 4 reps
125kg x 5 reps
120kg x 6 reps
And you’re failing on all/ most the sets?

There’s many ways to skin a cat, but that’s too few reps and too much failure for me, personally, if focused on hypertrophy. Failing on something like squats would wreck me for probably two weeks. Failing on leg extensions is great, leg press is iffy, squats is devastating.

I would personally not let any of my sets be below 6 reps and probably more like 8. So if you want to keep the reverse pyramid you’re using, you could start at 120kg/ 8 and work yourself to 105kg/11. That keeps you in a generally accepted efficient muscle-building rep range as well.

None of that is a “rule,” I’d just have a tough time doing what you’re doing week to week and I’m pretty sure my knees would quit.

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Actually it was my first failrue ever.
I got mixed plan with streight lifts like this and more reps days aswell.

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maybe u can check my plan and tell me what u think about it

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Hey man, I’m sorry - I didn’t mean to ignore this.

What you have posted looks fine. You may get a billion different recommendations, but I think a lot of that comes down to personal preference. You’re hitting the big lifts, have progressions planned, and are getting in reasonable volume everywhere. As long as you’re hitting those smaller movements with a high intensity, I think you’re good to go.

I would definitely come back if you start running into issues - something isn’t feeling right, you don’t feel like you’re progressing, you’re always exhausted, etc.; we could probably be more helpful then looking for specific culprits.

I jumped to it from FBW 5x5 streight trening on my first bulk it was 3 days but so much volume cuz of 5x5 i was tired i was not progressing cuz of pains etc
now using this one i feel alot better and i enyoi trening alot more !
Well i like my strong lifts 3-6 reps idk why maybe cuz i started like this but in this one i mixed it all together and i putet squats and deadlifts far away so i dont get destroyed alot
tbh i think i would be alot bigger if i used this one cuz this last fbw 5x5 there was not alot 8-12 movements on my chest etc …
Well atm 3600 kcals my weight went even down to 71,4kg xD but i feel alot of power and motivation to progress !
My goal is 110kg 5x to end of this year well atm its 90kg 1x XD but we need to place goals high dont we ?? :smiley:

You showed discipline and execution when you leaned out, so you’ll be extremely successful here too. The only note I’d make is to not get so scale-focused you get fat, but I’m sure you’ll be fine.
Good luck!

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Just wanna to show this is how my high day looks like 90% clean food only unhealthy things are ketchup in my bread cuz i dont use butter xD

Hello there.
So i wanna to share results of over a month of bulk diat

Well the weight didnt go up i think. Strenght went up a littlebith.
Body composition definitley more watter but 0 additional fat.
So it was the rotations like this.
Low day 3300 Kcal
Medium day 3600 kcal
high day 3800 kcal
Protein 180 fat 100 Carbs 400-550

So the question is should i add like +200~~ for all days ?
lets say
Low day 3500
Medium day 3800
High day 4000