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Carb Requirements

What is the best carb requirement in g/lb of bodyweight for gaining size without putting on too much fat. charles poliquin recommends 2g/lb for protein but i cant find anything on carbs.

Well, following Charles’ advice, carb requirements are a very individual thing, depending on your personal metabolism and body chemistry. I would have to agree with that; people get a different insulin response to ingesting carbs, so some can handle more than others. I beleive this can be correlated with blood type; more recent genetic variations will be able to tolerate more. I think Mauro Dipasuale’s new book, “The Metabolic Diet” details this. For example, the ZONE diet recommends between 3 to 5g of carbs for every 3g of protein, but I know some really big bodybuilders whose protein consumption far outweights there carb intake, as I suspect you do. Hope this has been at least of some help.

I’ve heard 3-5 grams per lb. of bodyweight.