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Carb Reloading at End of Diet?

If someone was finishing up a cut to a low BF and was depleted at the end, they would look a lot bigger in the muscles with the same BF if they replenished their glycogen stores right?

I’m not really familiar with bodybuilding at this level, and this isn’t for a contest or anything.

Would you carb load to replenish your stores and then load stuff like creatine, glycerine (saw laroyal mention this) , water manipulation/loading? Anything else?

Also, how much weight would you expect to gain, would this result in looking significantly fatter/losing definition? and how long would you want to get the max effects out of any loading protocol and compounds like creatine you introduce?

I’m asking because I don’t know anything about this stuff, but I’m in the process of dieting down to a low bodyfat. I want to look as big as possible for a few weeks while on vacation with what I’ve got around early January, and I figure at the end of the current diet I will be pretty depleted and wondering what’s best and thought of this.

I will also be coming off a CKD protocol and don’t wanna get mega fat during my vacation from school, lol

basically how do u conclude the diet process for max effect?


You don’t have to carb load after your CKD diet is over. Depending on your size and how much muscle your carrying, will determine how much weight you put on. IMO unless your a large dude, your not going to notice much of a drastic appearence change when you carb up. Also this “effect” won’t last for a few weeks. You will look your best right after your done, then begin to deplete and return to your typical appearence. Also, carbs won’t make you fat. Calories will.

If your calories are in check while your having carbs after your diet you wont gain fat. You may gain some water retention or bloat, but this isn’t permanent and will shed in a few days.Here is a link to an article: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/shredded_in_6_days

thanks for that

to be honest, I don’t really understand.

how exactly do you look your best then, carb depleted? I’m not going to be depleted when I’m on vacation and done with the diet, I’ll be drinking moderate eating w/e.

what I’m asking is, say it’s the last friday before I leave, I’m like 180 and depleted and at 7% or something ridiculous.I know I’m gonna be eating normally (but clean whenever possible) and drinking on and off over the next few weeks.

what should be I looking to do to get my body in best condition to look lean and big? Should I be loading any compounds like glycerine or creatine or anything else to add to water retention and muscle fullness for a lasting effect after cutting down, or should I already be using those while dieting down?

also, after I’m at the end of my diet, what do I do to prevent getting fat from my vacation? Introduce carbs before the vacation (and if so how soon before?

i know this is a lot of questions, but I basically just don’t get it…



No problem. Unforntunately, you’re going to have to find out how your body reacts to it. Its kind of experimental. However, like I said, you won’t get fat if you keep your calories in check. While on vacation try to eat your best and keep your portions in moderation. Are you unhappy with the way you look currently?

A carb up will improve you appearence compared to being depleted, but you can’t stay loaded at your peak for long. I would just start adding in moderate amounts of carbs now to fill out. That would be my approach, but like I said, you’re going to have to experiment.

yeah, I’m actually not done dieting. I am weighing in at 190 and probably need to get down to 184 ish to have the level of leanness I desire, which I assume would drop several pounds if I was depleted.

I have like two months to do this, so it won’t be a problem. I’m just worried about what to actually do when I’m a couple weeks before the vacation or whatever. I know I look like utter crap after a depletion workout till I carb up right now.

I’m also not using any creatine, glycerine, or anytihng like that and am mpt familiar with any loading protocol type stuff at all. I dunno if I should be using those now, and never have used any supps like that in the pas.

Basically, whatever has the most muscle fullness effect, and any info I would need to know to make this happen coming off a CKD, and any info on how to transition off the diet.

thanks for your help.

all advice appreciated! I know nothing about this stuff.

Maybe try posting this question in CT’s Locker room. Hes very knowledgable and would probably give you a very good answer. He might not answer your question because hes answering soo many of them daily, but give it a shot. Maybe, Laroyal can drop in and give you some insight. Good luck with what ever you try.

Is looking hyoooogggeee for PCA really this important? I’m sure they’ll notice the difference regardless.

You CAN eat healthy down there if you stay away from the kids themed buffet, which sadly has the best food =[. I’m pretty sure the parents looked at me with disgust as I ravaged that buffet the times I’ve been there. This is probably why I was a fatty.

To be honest, try to get in a some workouts down there and eat as healthy as possible while estimating calories which will be difficult. Just don’t get too out of control.

As far as the carb loading goes, I can feel it in my face whenever I go overboard with it. My cheeks bloat up and I know I went a little bit too far, I’m not sure if anyone feels this or I’m just weird.

Most importantly, have fun, win etc. Life is too short to waste if your solely concentrating on your body, you miss out on too much.

meh I just don’t want to look/feel crappy, or have trouble transitioning off my CKD into normal eating and gain a lot of fat or something.

Higgins, I’m also gonna be going on like, actual beaches and stuff. And I’m only gonna be at PCA for 8 days… I’m going to FL and seeing some friends for a while too. I’m more interested in girls and colleges than impressing fat dudes, lol.

I also had no knowledge about this subject at all and was pretty interested.

I got a response from CT in his locker room that was pretty sweet. I’m posting some o the later stuff too. I’ll respost the response here.