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carb refeed question

looked through some of the old posts and couldn’t find a deff. answer, so im staying pretty low carb(T-dawg 2.0) and i was just wondering the guidelines for the once a week carb refeed…i think i may have gone a little overboard today, i ended up at around 350g of carbs…and prolly id say 500 cals over maintence…i ate clean some fruit & veggies, some whole wheat bread, some pasta…but my question is did i overdo it on the carbs and what is a reasonable number to stay around when doing this once a week? im 6’1 195 and have some BF to lose

No you didnt over due it and you wont find a definate answer to your quaestion. Everyone has to find what works for them. Some do a single cheat meal, some go all out all day. You have to find what works for you.

What you had was a cheat snack at best. I would start with 1 meal of any damn thing you want in any amount. Just do it. See how you react to that and go from there.

hope that helps,

I’m going to have to disagree with phil. One big meal of whatever you want is BAD. One meal turns into many meals, makes you feel like crap and forget about your dietary principles. I’d just do a full day of eating mainly carbs and pro at maintenance. Stay away from big meals if you want to stick on a diet.

Like I said, you may get 100 responses and also 100 different replies on what works for each INDIVIDUAL.

I personally dont do a diet that incororates regular carb refeeds or cheats that often. I simply have a cheat on special occasions every once in a blue moon.

I was simply giving you an example of what a large quantity of ppl have imcorporated with the T-Dawg 2 with great success.

Hope that helps, but really you will have to experiment and find what works best for you from physique and psychological points.

Good luck and keep up the work.