Carb Questions

I’m in need of some low-gi carb sources that you don’t need to eat a whole bath tub full of to get a good amount of calories.

My first question is on beans. I’ve never used them. How dense are they calorically? I’m pretty sure I don’t even know what kind of beans you all seem to be talking about. I assume you dont mean canned beans, right? What kind of beans should i be looking for?

My next question is on fruit. There has been a lot of talk on ‘starchy fruits’ lately… Which fruits are starchy!?

Also, what is ‘quinoa’?

Take some whole grain, smoosh it up till its really small and pop it in your mouth.

Quinoa is a type of grain … it kind of reminds me, in its appearance, of loopy cous cous. Nutritionally, I’d guess its more or less equivalent to all other grains.

wek, what are your goals? Why do you ask and what are your needs re the lower GI carbs high(er) in calories? You might get better (more pointed) advice if we understood your situation a little better.

It takes A LOT of beans to get A LOT of calories. Half the carbs in them are fiber and since we lack an enzyme to break down fiber we can’t digest half of them and thus cleanse our bowels.

[quote]Tampa-Terry wrote:
wek, what are your goals?[/quote]

I’m a sophomore in highschool, and about halfway through august, I was up to 170 pounds from 150 since i had started lifting in early 2004. Since then i’ve lost every single pound i had worked so hard to gain. I became overwhelmed, I took the hardest class my school district has to offer, played football, and attempted to further my skills in guitar (i’m in a band) all at the same time.

Since then i’ve missed around 2 weeks of school from being ill, I chose (and was somewhat forced) to quit football before the season was through, while at the same time i’ve also managed to hold my band back. In fact, it’s a wonder they’ve put up with me. But most importantly my grades have reached a level which is completely unacceptable.

This all comes as a result of my being unprepared for the load under which i put myself, mainly schoolwise. Simply put, i’ve become a walking mess. Until recently my sleep patterns have been nonexistant as i would most often get minimal or sometimes no sleep at night, and would have difficulty not falling asleep in class. This would all build up until i’d home from school so tired that i’d fall asleep and not wake up till the next morning.

My calorie balance was waaaay negative during football season, and quitting football only led to my nutritional habits becoming even more shitty. Until this week I hadnt touched a weight in months. I’ve dug myself into a huge hole, but am optimistic i’ll be able to pull myself out.

As far as school goes, i’ve been doing all I can playing ‘damage control’. I’ll most likely end the semester with a C average whereas before I had been getting a 3.5 without much effort. Trust me, this is GOOD compared to where i was at mid-semester. It’s nothing i can’t manage by going to summer school to pad my GPA. I’ll leave it at that, since this really isnt the place for academic discussion.

With my new found study habits, I figure i might as well get back to doing the things i enjoy. Over christmas break i’ve spent a large number of hours reading through t-mag articles, taking notes on most them. I’ve also hit the gym twice this week. I’d really like to make the most of my nutrition plan, as it is easily the most overlooked aspect of training by kids my age. I’ve even thought of saving up for some phone consultation from JB, maybe by raking some leaves or shoveling snow or something…

I had a good amount of success with the Westside for Skinny Bastards program this summer, and will be doing it again now that i’m all small and weakly. I’d also like to try a lot of strongman/GPP type stuff. That stuff looks fun, and surely it has to have a lot of athletic carryover?

Actually i’m really fearful for my position on the team next year, 20 pounds is a lot to make up for. It was looking good, i started varsity special teams and would often be allowed to play linebacker for about 2 minutes per game. Not bad considering the depth we had at the linebacker position, and the fact that i was younger than all but one varsity linebacker, who was also a sophomore.

I’m a pretty active person, so i’ll be needing at least 4500 calories according to the massive eating calorie calculator. I ask because i’d like to save the grains and such for post workout in order to stay as insulin sensitive as possible. But i also have a hard time downing so many vegetables. Not to mention it takes a long time to eat a big bowl of veggies. Like most everyone in today’s society, i’m pretty cramped for time.

I realize i nearly wrote a book, but you DID ask :). I guess now that i’ve given my huge ol’ story any general advice would be appreciated as well. But i’d be just as happy if someone could answer any of my original questions.

thanks a lot if you actually read all that i typed.