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Carb questions

I’m very not rich as well , I hear ye, and behold the fresh grains protein profile :slight_smile: Oh of course you get other goodies in there too, and magnum Errr… whats the terms of whatnot again ? :smiley:

Oh yeah and as seafood goes, I suggest crustaceans over everything, and sardines and smallfish makeup for a great inexpensive meal too !

omg wtf bbq

That is hilarious. I’m sure he meant to respond to something but it sounds like someone wrote something in a foreign language and then put it into an online translator and posted it. Awesome.

I too enjoy for me the smallfishes but crustaceans, ye doth no the abominashuns eat, even if I am not rich;)!

I don’t get my goodies from the fresh-grain, because my protein profile is magnum… what’s the terms of whatnot again?

Yeah whats the story about exoskeletton species, I missed that part ? If you are kind enough to fill me in !

Namase !