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Carb questions

Veggies don’t have high carbs, therefore you can eat them whenever you want, and are encouraged to because of the micronutrients they contain. They are healthy, and act as a “filler” for meals (making you more full and satisfied).

I don’t take carbs before bed, simply because they won’t be used. So, by that logic, there is no point in sleeping on carbs. However, some people get by fine on carbs before bed. I guess it just depends on you. Also, eating carbs as a last meal tends to keep me up later, which I don’t want.

The fruits argument is based on the fact that fruits have carbs, so if your watching your total carb intake (i.e. AD diet), then you can’t eat any fruits. There is no set limit on how many fruits you can have, it’s just that you have to take the carbs they contain into consideration if your monitoring your diet closely. Personally I aim for fruits in my later day meals after my complex carb meals which are before and after my workout.