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Carb Question

Hello everyone, had a quick question concerning carbs. I have been doing t-dawg 2.0 for a while now. Lately I have noticed that my carbs have been in the 30-40 range.

My question being I’m going to change my diet around a little (probably p-f, p-c + t-dawg) is going back up to 75 going to hinder my ability to lose fat since my body has not had that much carbs in awhile?

Hey there…

30-40 is pretty low; even if someone is trying to eliminate carbs completely, if they are eating 6 times a day, they are probably going to get in the 20 range or so. You are definitely in the “low carb” arena here. I wouldn’t think that going up to 75 is going to hurt anything. On training days, I’m upwards of 200-250 around PWO time, on off days in the 30-40 range. I’m not sure that going up to 75 is going to help anything either; probably the best thing to do is to try it for a couple of weeks and monitor your progress. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

I’m pretty sure that the t-dawg 2.0 calls for 100 carbs on training days and 70 on non-training days.

I know that it calls for 75 on non-workout so I’m going to try to reach that. It just seems when I carb up I put weight on. I will experiment this week and see what happens.

Next week, I will start a new diet routine and hopefully start cardio every morning. Thanks

John Berardi’s Appetite for Construction column in issue 150 outlines a protocol for coming off a ketogenic diet without blowing up. The idea is to improve glucose tolerance and to add more low-GI, high-fiber carbs gradually as glucose tolerance improves. Improving glucose tolerance is done through cardio, fish oil, ALA, and other supplements.

roc, when you increase carbs you will see scale weight gain. But weight gain does not mean fat gain.

Remember that glycogen (stored carbs) is stored in the muscles with water. For every unit of glycogen stored in the muscles, there are roughly 3 units of water stored with it. If you increase carbs (glycogen) in the muscles, water will be stored with it, thus the “weight gain.”

Carbs are necessary for energy and for good workouts in the gym. They’re not the devil. Avoiding them will be counterproductive to your goals; i.e., fat loss and maintenance/protection of LBM. The numbers in T-Dawg work very well.

Are you using Surge for PWO nutrition?

Thanks everyone, I’m just nervious about the carbs, I just don’t want to start a downward spiral. I will be posting my new diet hopefully everyone here can critique it. Thanks

I really dont know of anyone, WORKING OUT AT ALL! that 70 + 100 carb days will make gain weight?

I agree with TFreak…if you are working out 3 days+ a week and are even remotely active otherwise then you should have no problem bumping up your carbs…as long as 74 out of 75 aren’t ingested before bedtime and come from those syrup covered oreo cookies you just annihilated. It’s a physiological fact that your thyroids begin to downgrade when you begin a carb diet below 50 grams. You know the scoop homey…take in the majority of your carbs post workout and on off days divy that shit up between meals with the carbs steadily decreasing after PM hits.

Going from 35g to 70g of carbs per day will not cause any weight gain. None.

Thanks everyone, as I mentioned before I will be posting a diet thread soon, so please critique at will.

O by the way I am active for the most part doing ju-jitsu 2-3 (sometimes 4) a week, plus lifting (have not for the past week laziness plus weather). Thank everyone.