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Carb/Protein Ratio PWO


in the book "nutrient timing" it says to combine 13-15g whey protein with 40-50g high glycemic carbs, among other things, for post-workout (this is for somebody up to 170 lbs and if more than that it says to increase amounts by 50%).

anyway i was kind of curious as to why Biotest Surge has 49g carb/33g protein. given equal amounts of carbs, that is more than double the protein the book says to use.

so my question is: should i be putting more whey into my pwo shake? are there studies showing better results with a higher protein level?

also, if anybody out there who mixes their own pwo shakes wants to share their recipes that would be cool too.


I believe Berardi reccomends approximately .8g / kg of body weight of carbs and .4g / kg of body weight of protein. So, for a 170 lbs individual (aka ~77 kg) one could consume ~62g carbs and 31g protein. Personally, I think the carbs could be a little high, but it of course depends on the individual.

In your case, the protein would be basically spot on - I'd increase my protein if I were you. 13g of whey is less than half a scoop for me; I tend to use about 1 scoop (of hydrolyzed whey).


the carbs are way too high, and protein is WAYYY too low in Nutrient Timing's recommendations. IMO. Surge's ratios are perfect for a hardgainer, or someone with a decent metabolism, but for people with big carb intolerances, its not the best option.

The body could absorb a ton more protein post-workout, so why only give it a measely 31g of protein? I think a 1:1 ratio (or even possibly a little bit more protein would help even more) would benefit hardgainers and endomorphs alike.

but protein is more expensive than carbs, so i doubt we'll really see any pwo formula like that anytime soon.