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Carb Powders from a Cost Perspective


When it comes to cost per carb perspective, powdered carb supplements win over numerous popular primary carb sources. There are other factors that may influence your primary carb source intake, but if budget is first priority, carb powders will help you out.

I don't recommend that you obtain a large portion of your carb intake from powdered carb products, but they can be useful when portability, speed of preparation, and convenience are important.

Dextrose cost per gram = .5 cents
Maltodextrin cost per gram = .5 cents

Oats = .6 cents
Pasta = .7 cents
Rice = .5
Grape juice = 1.8
Orange Juice = 2.7
Gummy Bears = .6

Waxy Maize has a cost per carb of 1.5 cents. I don't feel that waxy maize is a smart choice when it comes to carb powders.

I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on this and what other factors you'd take into consideration when deciding to consume a carb powder or not.


Usually the only. 'Carb powders' I take in are from my protein powder and preworkout drink. Other then that I mostly obtain from whole foods. In fact I just finished cooking up this weeks menu. Lots of baked chicken, seasoned brown rice and assorted veggies. Will also be eating tuna, olives, whole 'grain' bread, avocado, peanut butter... ext. and protein shakes. Shooting for 3500u calories per day as have incorporated a lot of supersets into my routine and have been lacking some energy. Im thinking of trying out Surge workout fuel, looks like good stuff.


IMO, the main selling point for sticking to the whole food choices the majority of the time is the micronutrient content.

Regardless though, I still feel carb powders can be another tool in the tool box, especially for carb heavy meals on the go or in a rush.


I do belive carb boosters have there place, I have tried a few myself but find that I sometimes lean on them to much because its easier. That's why I try to stick to whole food because I can get protein and fats at the same time. But I know what u mean about rushing.


Cost effective. I agree.


Carb powders suck for me because they don't satiate me for shit. I'd much rather have white potatoes or sticky rice pwo. And if I were to really want to replicate a high GI carb powder..I can just have something way tastier like corn flakes, frosted flakes, or fruity pebbles. And..yes, I believe it to have the same fucking effect.


Fruity Pebbles would be better for BBing that carb powders because a few servings of Fruity Pebbles have the full RDA of many nutrients and vitamins


I wonder how they stack up in the cost department. I agree on the micronutrients though.


You're getting at a carb calorie is a carb calorie, right?


Sort of..I'm talking in the context of the situation..that being post workout carbs...I'd prefer white potatoes, sticky white rice or perhaps frosted flakes instead of a carb powder. Because I get 250g of carbs on training days...that's not that much..the last thing I want is to fill 50gs of that with some powder that doesn't fill me up at all. I'm fucking hungry as it is..


Maltodextrin from Honeyville Grain is a little over $60 shipped for 50lbs, or 0.3 cents/gram. FYI.


Even better! Thanks


When buying dextrose or maltodextrin in bulk, do ya'll have a good idea on how to 'flavor' it?? RIght now I use orange gatorade in vanilla protein, and it tastes like a creamsicle! So I'm looking for a way to add the orange flavor to the dextrose I buy...