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Carb Powder

Could someone tell me what the difference is between polymers, maltodextrin and dextruse .I buy dextruse at the beer making outlet store but they dont’ have malto, but they have different polymers? Are these similiar? Thanks in advance

I hear that dextruse is high in Vitamin R, and is an active ingredient in “Malk” - good for bones and teeth!

Seriously, dextrOse and glucose are the same thing, not completely, but close. Just like starch and glycogen are the same thing.

It is my understanding (I may be wrong on this) that Maltodextrin is one particular type of glucose polymer, and glucose is liquid glucose.

Many beer stores dotn have a product labeled as Maltodextrin. Look for somehting called Corn Sugar. I am told it is the same stuff… Tastes the same, and has the same look/texture.

Ask them to order it for you. i ordered 50 lbs one time