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Carb Paranoia


Hey, help a bloke out!!

I've been low carbs for about 12 weeks (<60g+weekly refeed of around 160g) and dropped plenty of lard while still being strong for my weight (I pulled a 205kg dealift for 3 reps a few weeks ago) I'm around 11-13% bodyfat around 162lbs (age 31) and can see the top 2 row of abs but have proper STUBBORN lower ab/back flab. Would the paraworkout protocol change for someone lighter than the average joe?

I consider myself pretty strong for my weight, but have the bone structure of Gollum + wrists about as big as ET. I'm currently bumping my carbs up to 70-80g para - workout, training full body (AC's Hugh Jackman routine) one day on one day off. I'm generally getting the recommended my 1.25g protein per pound (not including para w-out) 90g fat and low carbs the rest of the day. This come in at about 2500cals a day.

I'm thinking of bumping my para workout carbs up to 90g as well as adding 50g carbs for breakfast (quinoa+berries+a little honey) while dropping fat to around the 70-80g day. on my non weights days I'm doing some complexes + conditioning work (Surge WF+CH before and CH during and after, low carbs the rest of the day) I have a day off once a week

I'm of the thinkin that I don't handle carbs to well, as the fact I can't seem to shift the stubborn fat lower belly/back. I'll be honest, I'm a proper paranoid of putting on any more fat aroung my belly (I'm toned in all other areas)by adding more carbs, but am stick of being a skinny weasel. I train HARD and don't lack energy but am worried about obsessing/dieting and the metabolic trauma it causes the body.

My friends are no good as they're all settled and get out of breath grating cheese. The meatheads at the gym are so geared up that the urinals have had to be re-enforced with titanium to stop them perishing - so their no good for advice. I had a go on the gear a few years ago, put weight on, got more zits than I could count, and lost 90% after I went off it. HELP ME OUT PLEASE. A little advise would help me out big time. I'm committed to building a better body, but just need some guidance.

Thanks in advance



I know how you feel. I used to be carbphobic myself! At one point I spent 18 months straight on a low-carbs diet... not even having carb ups! The reason is that I was fat, and low carbs where what finally got me lean. So I came to equate carbs with gaining fat. Which is not the case.

Most people actually think that they don't do well on carbs mostly because a) they eat too much of ti (if you eat 800g of carbs per day on top of your regular food, of course it will be hard to lose fat) or b) they eat junk carbs.

So it's not so much the carbs that screw them up, but rather the fact that they eat too much of it and the wrong kind (I could also say at the wrong time).

During an intense strength workout you normally use anywhere from 100 to 200g of carbs for energy. So bumping yours from 70 to 90 is not a problem at all.

50g in the morning is also a good idea, to fill liver glycogen and keep metabolism high. I prefer to use fruits for this purpose as it replenished liver glycogen a bit better.


Hey CT
I know you use biosignature modulation as one of many tools at your disposal and from what I gather genetically you are carb intolerant because a year ago your Subscapularis was about 15.8 mm. My question for you is this I would like to do your protocol and only consume carbs at the appropriate time which is during the course of your protocol yet I want to get my subscapularis fat down and my Supra-iliac down is this possible during your protocol. As you mentioned to me before you use receptormax to increase insulin sensitivity during the protocol would this aid me on two fronts to lower body fat and gain mass or should I use poliquins insulin protocol with your peri workout nutrition?

Thank you for your time.


Thanks CT.

I'll go with 50g of mixed berries along with my usual fair at brekkie. (I usually have a protein shake, a couple of poached eggs+lean protein and maybe some avocado.) Love the new Para w/out protocol by the way. Good job big man. CH tastes like poo but I get it down - Lookin forward to the new Anaconda. (Man they're gonna start running outta cool names for their stuff soon. Biotest 'The Dogs Bollocks' is one they can have on me)Have improved on some a few lifts (front squat/snatch grip dead lift) as well as feelin like I could train for hours.

Any prudent thoughts on gettin rid of the stubborn flab in my problem areas? (Jesus I sound like my mum)

I'm not a big fan of steady state cardio but I'll do it if you recommend it. I prefer to jump rope at a steady pace to goin to the gym and using the treadmill. (usually first thing+10g BCAA inside me) I understand this may be problematic in terms of a low carb approach. I do enjoy stuff that makes me 'get a sweat on' ...HIIT, circuits etc.

Am setting my cals at about 1800 on my conditioning/complex days
280 protein
50-60g fat
30-40g carbs (including SWF pre training)
Training wise I'm going I've upped my volume a little as I feel I've got plenty in the tank from the new para w/out protocal:
Day1 - 4x4 to 5x4
Day2 - conditioning/complexes
Day3 - 3x8 to 4x8
Day 4 - conditioning/complexes
Day 5 - 3x15 (keeping the volume the same as AC's suggestions)
Day 6 - Acive recovery (foam rolling/long walk/massage)
Day 7 repeat.

As I mentioned in my first post, I'm doing AC's full body 'Jackman routine' with the AB split + a little arm/rotator cuff work at the end. The variation keeps the program fresh and I'm really enjoying it (A plank in the gym did try to point out that the bar is 'supposed to be on your back' when I was front squatting - and you wonder why I don't look for inspiration from those morons)

Seems I'm always looking for that magic formula.....If I ever get rid of that stubborn flab and have a decent amount of muscle (I'll never be THAT BIG but lift harder and heavier than most at my gym - including the weekend warriors tanked up on juice) I'll forgive my mum and dad for giving me these 'ET phone home wrists' and hands that look like they've bin stolen from a 12 year old girl!!!

Any more precious nuggets of advise would be fully appreciated. I know your a busy bloke (and like me detest being stuck infront of a computer - I'm a Special Needs Teacher and have a well worn 'arse crevice' in my chair in front of my comp)

Thanks again mate, your a champ - Looking forward to I Bodybuilder in the future (another victory for the 'making up cool names dept at T Nation' there by the way....They weren't interested in my idea for a name... For some reason 'Veiny Monster' wasn't appropriate in their eyes. Could've been misconstrude aparently.)