Carb Loading

I have a few more questions aboout carb loading, that I would be thrilled if someone could answer.

1). If I now weigh about 165, how many grams of crabs shouls I load with? I have read that a good rule of thumb is to multiply your pre-depleteion carb intake by 1.75. However, right now I am eating 55-70g of carbs a day, so when multiplied by 1.75, I arrive at 122g, which is about 20g a meal, if I eat 6 times a day. Is that enough?

2). When carb loading, should I pay attention to calories, or just getting the right number of carb grams. While carb loading I intend to eat next to zero fat and sodium, so my plan is to eat carbs and a low sodium whey protein.

3). Would it be at all beneficial to eat many small servings of carbs throughout the day, as opposed to six? I don’t know a lot about insulin response, so this idea is a shot in the dark.

4). Should I continue to take burners right up until the time I want to look my leanest?

5). I have some liquid glycerol, what is the best way to use it?

6). FINALLY, what types of carbs have others had the best luck loading with? Some people say that high GI is fine, others say low GI, while yet others say make the first three meals a day high GI, and the rest low. More importantly than GI, what should I eat, since that is what I am really getting at. Thanks a lot.

R, I know people are probably sick of me talking about this, but as far as carbs for loading? go to a home brew supply store and buy corn sugar(bottling sugar). It may be labeled as dextrose but that’s OK. dextrose is just the industrial term for starch that’s undergone a chemical conversion to glucose. THe stuff is dirt cheap and from my experience is the best stuff.

DO you use dextrose as the only source of carbs? Is the GI high or low? Does it taste decent? Thanks

When I did the weekend carbload for bodyopus the ONLY carbs i took in after the depletion workout was dextrose. I did this until about noon on saturday. I believe you want a high insulin response anyhow during the carb loading phase. You can find the GI on the net though.