Carb Loading

Hey everyone, I have a bunch of tests for football tomorrow at my University. I’ve been carb loading but, there’s only so much spaghetti a person can eat. So does anyone have any foods or recipes they really enjoy when they’re trying to load up?

Loading only works if you deplete your glycogen stores adequately first. That’s how you cause the body to temporarily be able to hold more carbs than normal (supercompensation). You can’t just overeat one day before an event and count on extra storage (unless we’re talking about fat storage -lol).

Most people I know get a little creative as they do this for bodybuilding purposes, so you see the range from fruits, to bagels, to the usual white rice and potatoes, even to stuff like candy, pie filling, and pancakes.

My brother discovered Cheez-Its when he competed and used them as his primary carb source. Me, I’ve always enjoyed Pop Tarts when I can work them into my daily #s to boost carb intake.

Everyone will respond differently though. The rule of thumb is to stick to foods that you know (past experiences) will not give you digestion issues. If that means bland and boring foods, then suck it up and realize why you’re doing it :slight_smile:


Yeah I get that, Ive amped up training quite a bit these past 2 weeks. I have all my tests tomorrow so even a little extra fat to make me weigh in heavier would probably make me look a little better on paper. And luckily I can eat just about anything except green peppers without being tore up. Poptarts though? Whats the number one flavor?