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Carb Loading Question

Carb loading could someone explain this diet to me. I just saw the pictures in the performance photos link on power lifters are fatties. That guy had the physique I would like to aim for and at the bottom it said carb loaded. So how do I go about setting this up.

Thanks for any help T-Nation


It simply means he loaded on carbs in that case ate a ton of carbs to get the Muscle full probably after a period of contest dieting so there was over compensation.

You may read CT’s latest on carb cycling,

Hope that helps,

Oh also as of late there is this HUGE cult like following of the Anabolic Diet here, They use a weekly carb load you might check it out as well.

The AD is my new religion.

All hail the AD.

Phill to the rescue again, thanks man and thanks to you other guys about the AD diet.