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Carb Loading/Depleting. What Do I Do With Water?

Hey so i’m starting my diet 4 months out of the competition (1 week in so far) and before i hit this stage of carb loading i thought i’d get some answers. all i’m really doing for a diet is keeping my calories about 700 less a day then where they were (about 2300 vs. 3000) and protein around 220 which is my exact weight.

So nothing fancy or anything and of course cardio. but i am a diabetic so if i decide to do the carb loading/depleting the depleting part could get a little tricky. my biggest questions are when should i start the loading??

When do i start the depleting? how far out? is this necessary at all? and another thing? i’ve read a lot about how u need to stay really hydrated before this so the water doesn’t get inbetween your muscles and make u look all puffy, but i’ve read some articles saying don’t drink water or very very little for atleast a week out and others saying you need to stay really hydrated to avoid your body holding on to it.

Drinking a lot of water would make more sense to me in my head but i’m really not sure. so those are my 2 big questions about this. thanks in advance