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Carb Loading Advice


Hi Guys, I am 20% Bodyfat and weigh 89kg. I am Weightlifting 4 days a week and doing some conditioning at the end to drop Bodyfat.

I was wondering should I be having a lower carb diet to drop weight down to 80kg (lose 10% bodyfat) and then when I am more carb tolerant increase my carb intake, or should I just increase carbs now and not worry about the overall weight as it will come off anyway?

My current diet is below:

Breakfast - Porridge

Lunch - Salmon or Tuna with Brown Rice

Dinner - Steak or Chicken with Veg or salad

I wasn't sure if I was eating enough?

I have a low carb protein shake with creatine AM/PM and was thinking of swapping for a One Stop high carb protein shake with creatine?

Thanks for any help



weight usually doesnt simply "come off anyway", lowing carb intake helps almost everyone to lose weight faster, as long as you get at least around 50-100 g per day

adding extra carbs kinda depends on how you feel, during your lifting sessions and in general

if you feel energetic/motivated there is little reason to add extra