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Carb Loading Advice

Hey CT, I am 20% Bodyfat and weigh 89kg. I am Weightlifting 4 days a week and doing some conditioning at the end to drop Bodyfat.

I was wondering should I be having a lower carb diet to drop weight down to 80kg (lose 10% bodyfat) and then when I am more carb tolerant increase my carb intake, or should I just increase carbs now and not worry about the overall weight as it will come off anyway?

My current diet is below:

Breakfast - Porridge

Lunch - Salmon or Tuna with Brown Rice

Dinner - Steak or Chicken with Veg or salad

I wasn’t sure if I was eating enough?

I have a low carb protein shake with creatine AM/PM and was thinking of swapping for a One Stop high carb protein shake with creatine?