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Carb Levels On/Off Days, 158 lber Cutting

Hello, I was wondering if there were any people that had been around my sort of weight and cut that could suggest carb levels for me. I know this is quite a general question, but just roughly im aiming for 100g carbs on lifting days and I guess 50-60g on non lifting days.

If anyone could give me their personal experience on this that would be great.

Also, by the time I work my splits twice a week, im often lifting 6 days a week, does anyone have any thoughts on this, i.e. am I still ok to lift 6 days a week and therefore eat a lot more carbs over the week than for instance if I packed lifting down into 4 days a week. Im sure many people will agree that we all want the most benefits for the least effort, and if I can get away eating 100g carbs 6 days a week with no ill benefit (as long as im lifting) I would rather keep lifting !!

Thanks very much

Sounds similar to what you’d consume on the V-Diet. Going from 50g to 100g on workout days is easy, as a serving of PWO usually includes about 50g of carbs. Just eat the same way every day, and add the PWO to your workout days.