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Carb Intolerance


Hey everybody, I'm a new poster, but have been reading articles and the forums here for about and year, and can say this is probably the best site i've come across.

In the Nutrition threads, I see carb intolerence a lot, but dont really understand what that means. I suspect I may have a carb intolerence because on days after I consume more carbs than normal, but stay around the same number of calories, I look less defined. Thanks.


I'd say that doesn't sound like a carb intolerance. It sounds like you're eating more carbs and holding more water as a result.


I don't think bloat alone signifies you don't deal with carbohydrates well. Other symptoms of carbohydrate intolerance include headaches, weakness, irritability, or edginess/anger.

Normally it is not sugar that bothers the digestive tract but gluten. Try some gluten free options for a week or so and see is you feel better. This may be harder then it sounds as they add gluten to a lot of products since it is cheap.

There is also a difference between intolerance and sensitivity. If you just become mildly bloated then it could be a sensitivity to sugar/gluten. If you want to know for sure consult a doctor for blood work and a digestive tract biopsy.


Are you talking about gluten intolerance or insulin resistance?