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Carb Intake

Does anyone know what the best way to gradually increase one’s carb intake is. I have been on low carb diets for about a year know and currently take in about 75g/day six days a week plus one carb day. I am quite lean and am now looking to gain lean mass without a lot of fat gain. I currently eat about 1.5-2g protein/lb body weight and 75g/fat a day. Bill said I think 5g carbs/lb lean bodyweight a week and was wondering how I could work up to that.

Add 50g or so of simple carbs to your post workout shake. That way you know those added carbs won’t be stored as fat.
Other than that I would take it slow & let your body adapt by adding say 25g a week.

On another note how well did 75g per day work for you? I am at 150-I may go a little lower…