Carb intake with Andro

Hi guys

I’ve been using CT’s mutation series and I’m in weeek 5th now. I just got my hand on some Andro(diol) and I was wondering if I could up my carb intake to get the most out of it. I plan on doing an intense 20days cycles

Here are my numbers
152 lbs
11% with fattrak II (but I estimate 14%)

Protein : 210-240g
Carb : <25g
Fats : 88-90g

Cal: with the same sations as CT’s, I came up at 1550

Now my weight has stopped dropping (from about 167lbs 19%bf) and I’d like to pack on some meat with the Andro.

Now I’m taking 120g per day of carbs on weekends, but I’d like to know if I can up my carbs on the week, and what amount it should be !

Thanks !!