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Carb Intake on Non Workout Days

Most of what I have read on nutrient timing details how to time your macronutrients on workout days.

I am normally consuming around 250 - 275 grams of carbs on workout days.

With respect to quantity of carbs and timing…how would you implement these extra carbs on non workout days?

Have your carbs for the first three meals of the day. That’s when your insulin sensitivity will probably be at its best, especially at breakfast…or you could try only eating fat and protein on non days and save carbs for workout days only…

I’m liking the idea of carbs only in the 4-6 hours post-workout, and all other times is low carb.

It seems to make a lot of sense. It would create a very anabolic environment and prevent fat gain on non-workout days.

Based on some advice from a well-known bodybuilder, on something relative to a T-Dawgish diet, I wasn’t eating carbs anytime except post workout (one hefty drink, and 1 normal food meal) and a very small amount for my 5th meal of the day on non-workout days. What’s a small amount? It was probably about 20-25g. This was relative to cutting. My post workout stuff was probably 100-125g each meal.

Hope this helps…

I have been eating just like Lucid is saying and keeping fat gain to a minimum