Carb Intake on Best Damn Diet

So I’ve been running the Best Damn Diet for a few weeks alongside the Best Damn workout (6 days/week) and I’m having a hard time hitting my carb goal. I’m currently trying to hit around 300 carb for the day (215 pro, 300 carb, 125 fat). Protein and fat are very easy for me to hit, but I lift in the late afternoon.

So, my meals are roughly 1. P+F 2. P+F 3. P+F 4. P+C (plazma) 5. P+C 6. P+C 7.(pre-bed) C+F (have already hit protein goals by this point, but have a little fat left)

Are 300 g carbs in ~5 hours too much?

Or, any suggestions on fitting acceptable carbs into my preworkout meals?