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Carb Intake for a Show in 8 Wks?


my client is leaning out great, she has a show in 8 weeks. this is the first time I have worked with a figure athlete. my question is... should she be cutting carbs every two days and then adding them back in? or taking in carbs daily?

currently she is eating 1/2 cup of oatmeal, a med sweet potato, and a cup of brown rice daily. like i said, she is cutting fat but when we get closer to competition how should she be incorporating her carbs? i know everyone is different but our bodies pretty much work the same, there has got to be an easier way to figure this out?


Your training a client, but your posting on a forum as to how you should train her? FAIL.


Experience perhaps? -lol



I believe the generic way is to lower carb intake weekly in small increments. I'm not an expert at all. I'd ask someone like Stu who has had success in bodybuilding. look up some info from Shelby Starnes. He seems to give great advice. Of course, everybody is different.


seriously? I'm asking for advice and i get smart ass replies. this site is, as well as you guys are a joke. How about some science behind what im asking. The moderators here really need to do a better job as to whats posted. Sad... Fail? Experience? really? Listen look in a mirror and ask yourself. I started at some point too and needed help. Giving someone answers like you just gave me... Really?? Muscle heads, NOT athletes nor respect. You guys suck.


Awesome. So we can all expect you to never post on this site again, right? Wouldn't want to be a hypocrite.


The bottom line is that it's an individualized thing. When I work with someone, prepping them for a show (or even just losing weight), I've summized at least some sort of idea of how their particular body responds to the changes and adjustments I've already made (as well as what they've been able to do on their own - I always make them keep a 2 week log before I start working with anyone).

With this knowledge, and my own experience (knowledge that I bring to the table), I am able to make the best educated guesses each week, and then readjust based on the effects produced. Sadly, there is no 'magic' answer, it's a combination of using your knowledge base and experience with the individual in question.




Thank you. See this is a respectful and informative answer. Something I can work with.


There lots guys on here who will give you great advice and be happy to help. There is also a handful of losers with nothing better to do than try and ridicule you. You and I actually have a job so we can't search the site all day looking for threads we can make smart ass comments on. It's the same dudes so disregard what they say like we all do.


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Thanks for that. You are exactly right! This is my first time training a client for a show. She looks great. I have gotten so much info about nutrition and from my experience and "EDUCATION" :o) alot of it is bogus. Cutting, how many carbs to have, how much protein, water, blah, blah blah... I'll find what I need, if not, I'll use trial and error, but its go time and I don't really need the attitude nor BS comments. We are all grown ups here. Well, some of us are.

Again, Thank you dnlcdstn. You made a great point. I'll do well to remember that.


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You show up from seemingly out of nowhere, post a question, say little to nothing about yourself and expect the resident geniuses to descend upon your little morsel of a problem within two hours of posting and give you the perfect solution? Do you know what an online forum is and how it works?

Ignore the flames. Grow thicker skin. Stop bitching about how no one is helping you. Do your own research. Contribute to your own thread by showing what you've learned, or what you think you already know. Show the residents how you deserve help because you're genuinely stuck on a problem that you've been wrestling with and you may, in turn, be able to provide further insights of your own. Don't tell the forum "You guys suck!" -- who the hell are you and what have you done for anyone else, anyways? If you get an intelligent and useful reply within a day, count yourself lucky.

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