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Carb Intake at My Size?

Hi guys
About 9 months ago I started dieting and doing cardio. After 3 months I lost about 15kgs, went from 100 to 85kgs, and from there I decided to hit the weights. Since then I have been making great gains and burning off as much more fat as I can. Right now I am 92kgs.

So far though, I have been almost avoiding carbs completely while just shoving down the protein. A few small potatoes at dinner was all.

After reading this I Bodybuilder article, I realise that I could be a lot bigger and definitely a lot stronger if I had been getting in more carbs. So here I am now with a big bag of ON Serious Mass. It has 250 grams of carbs, and 50 of protien per scoop. I have some creatine and a South African supplement called, Muscle Science Perfect Protein! which is a mixture of whey, casein and egg (I take this post workout).

It hsa 41 grams of protien to the scoop. The rest of the day my meals consist of chicken breasts and another protien shake. I had Surge Workout Fuel at one stage… cost me an arm and a leg though to bring it down here…

I usually go to gym about 90 minutes after I wake up. Could you guys give me advice on when I should take this Serious Mass?
I think 2 scoops (500 grams) would be too much carbs for someone at my weight?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

In all honesty there are probably better sources for your carbs. If you’re going to use it, I’d personally add some more protein since 4:1 seems a bit unbalanced.

Really, if you want to gain mass at a satisfying rate, you need to bulk, which involves a calorie surplus.
That means your fat loss will at best be on hold during this period.

If you feel that you are satisfied with the current body fat level you have, I would go for a bulk. If not, continue to cut until you’ve reached that.

for bulking anyting from 2g per pound of BW to as much as you can eat really, i eat around 700g when i am not cutting weight. to answer your question on the serious mass shake, post workout would probly be best because thats when your body needs some carbs. or you could split it up in to 2 shakes 1 scoop in each and just have them between your regular meals.

Thanks guys.

Wow, that’s a shit ton of carbs per serving. I wouldn’t eat it throughout the day (since it’s basically a pile of sugar), but pre-workout, it might work (like doubling up on Workout Fuel + Surge Recovery at the same time).

It might actually just be too much cals to handle if you downed a full shake and hit the gym, so I’d be cautious about how your gut handles it.