Carb Heavy PWO Meal on a Calorie Deficit?

ive been losing fat by restricting my carbs to <100 on work out days and <50 on off days and it has yielded great result.

lately ive been thinking of my PWO meal after surge being nothing but chicken breast and sweet potatoes. will this yield any muscle gains? i have never tried something like this while cutting. will i gain any fat from the extra carbs?

No one can even sort of answer this question with the information you have provided.

Well, carbs are protein sparing…so going by my logic you might be able to hold on to a little bit more muscle while dieting down. It won’t make a dramatic difference but it won’t cause any fat gain, might help out a little actually. Just my opinion, and that’s what i would be thinking if i were in your shoes.

" will i gain fat from extra carbs" no . carbs dont make you fat . carbs in the presence of excess calories make you fat .

Lia: Right.

And usually swapping a few tablespoons of oil for a potato doesn’t lead to slabs of muscle being built. This question isn’t even quantifiable.

Try and see.

I think having the carbs before your workout makes more sense as you glycogen stores will likely already be low before the workout. You can’t run a car very far if the gas tank is low to begin with (unless it’s an economy car). In case that wasn’t clear, IMO adding the carbs before the workout is a better idea (including at least half of the Surge Recovery). Further, you can add an extra (as compared to your current level) 50 grams of carbs before workouts anywhere from 1-3 times per week.

I’m not trying to turn this into a debate about when you should time your carbs. My main point is just TRY and SEE. Stick with an approach for a period (2-3 week minimum) and judge the results for yourself.

i prefer eating the majority of my carbs pre on a diet…because i like feeling loaded on energy…i also get better pumps in the gym…

that is the only nutrient timing i do…otherwise i’m only concerned with hitting my macros/calories…