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Carb-Heavy Breakfast Key to Weight loss


To be fair, other articles on the same topic add in “high protein” as well.

Did they do this test on toddlers? 1,085 calories a day isn’t a low carb diet, it’s anorexia.

Analog_kid your killing me I lauhed so hard I spit my supplements across the room…Your very much correct…

“it is thought that eating a meal packed with protein and carbohydrates helps cut cravings for sweet or starchy foods, and boosts the metabolism.”

so starchy foods are not carb foods now ? what moron wrote this article ?

Shit, sustaining on ~1000-12000 kcal a day seems impossible. I guess when you a fat, sedentary woman with no muscle mass, you have no reason to expend energy. It is interesting to note that lifters on this board eat 4 times that or more.

Usually, in some of the bodybuilding sites, groups, and circles I’ve visited, and talked to; to reach their target weight, or for a general estimate, they multiply there weight by 20.

So, I figure the person that wants to weigh 200 pounds:

200 x 20 = 4000 Calories.

I find these calculations so to speak, to be pretty good estimates for active individuals (no, not athletes, or elitists).

So, on the basic assumption that there exercising, even if they are women? For an average height of, 5’3-5’5?

100 x 20 = 1000

There goal is to be 100 pounds? We’re not including there BMR here, either. I mean, even if they are sedentary, that is still very low.


Well considering that many Americans admit to not eating breakfast I can understand why it could be helpful.

The danger here is anytime you tell someone to do something heavy (in this case NOT lifting weights) they tend to go a little overboard.

Even if the study is bogus, I still agree that a big carb heavy breakfast is the best way to go unless your totally sedentary or something. I personally think that any athlete should eat a good solid filling breakfast.