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Carb fuel question........

Does this sound correct?
If/when we eat carbs, a couple of hours later it will release sugar into the blood stream. This is now ready to be used as fuel for training (anaerobic). If we don’t use this fuel it will then be stored as glycogen. If this happens too often (excess carbs with not enough protein) our glycogen levels will become full resulting in fat gain.
Now, just say I had an omlette with beans (30g of carbs). I then did 45 minutes of weights 2.5 to 3 hours after I’ve eaten. Would I have burnt off the amount of carbs so as it doesn’t turn into fat? Also, what would the time frame be after eaten carbs (low GI) to use for fuel in order to prevent this?

I think this makes sense. I have another question but it’s gone, I’m sure I’ll remember it later.

Cheers guys

Dooley, UK/OZ