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Carb/Fat/Protein Combination Question


I just read John Berardi's massive eating aritcle and he advises against protein+carb+fat meals. Can anyone shed some light on this? Wouldnt fat lower the glycemic response and slow the digestion of the carbs which would be more desireable. IE why a donut is better than a plain white bagel?


Check out this article, it is more recent on that topic:


A donut and any type of bagels are all crap, for all the talk about nutrients, they (the wheat which is the carbs in it) are fortified with vitamins B1, B2, B3, folic acid (B9), and iron, without which they would be more or less empty calories. Decent carb sources are sweet potatoes, rice, quinoa, rolled oats, and veggies and fruit. They are much higher in essential nutrients lacking from most peoples' diet per amount of carbs.

The current though is carb intake is placed surrounding the workout primarily. If more carbs are needed for lean or carb tolerant individuals, then increasing periworkout and breakfast is the first tweak, followed by adding to other meals in cases of high intake.

Shelby Starnes article today has a rough outline of how to go about adding carbs into ones diet after cutting:



I'm curious about this as well because I thought it was because carbs would raise insulin which makes it more likely to shuttle fat into your fat cells, but protein also has a more moderate effect of raising insulin so I would imagine the same to be true.

I never really dug into this because I'm not planning on getting on stage at 4% so I didn't think this level of detail really mattered to me, as long as daily macros are in order. However I'd still be interested in seeing what others have to say on the topic.


How many of you are sticklers to keeping your fat intake fairly low in your pre workout meal (the meal eaten within 2 hours of starting a workout)?

I eat 90 minutes before my workouts and it is almost always as follows:

oats and fresh fruit with grilled chicken or canned tuna. Almost no fat at all. I like it this way as I feel pretty empty stomach (not hungry) by the time I hit the gym. Not like a brick is still in my gut just sitting there. I tend to never get heart burn either no matter how intense my workouts are by doing this.

Some guys I talk to eat whole eggs, a burger, even fried foods or peanut butter with their meals 1-2 hours before a lift!!?? Now I know we are all different and can handle foods better or worse then others can.

I have and always will go with the minimalist approach to pre workout fat intake.



I like fat in my pre workout meal because the energy feels more constant. Seems like it makes my caffeine/bcaa pill last longer too. Probably due to the fat slowing things down in there.


I don't really pay too much attention to the fat+carb combination thing regardless of whether it's pre or post, or whatever other time. I know all the magazines say you are supposed to keep fat low and all that stuff, but I just don't think it makes a difference for an average dude like myself.