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Carb Drink


alright this is a noob question but i was wondering how to make a carb drink wiht protein. Do I just mix oatmeal and put protein in it. Is that what I do? or is there a specific supplement that i have to buy?


What purpose are you using it for?

If it's for PWO, then Surge is a great protein/carb drink. You could also mix protein into gatorade. I've never tried it, but I've heard others mention it.


simple sugars + Protein easy as that no reason to make it complicated. Or like suggested above, even easier, Surge.


Many say Gatorade, but I say a Powerade is the best for PWO drink with a good protein shake.

Funny thing is you can buy 32oz. Powerades at Walmart for $0.60 cents.

I'd say that's cheap for a PWO drink if you can't get to anything else.

Good Luck!


so PWO i am guessing PWO means post work out or pre work out? Anyway i never knew that gatorade contains carbs. Nice i could get my hands on those really easily


You're kidding right? Yes Gatorade contains carbs. It's 100% carbs.

And yes, PWO stands for Post Work out.


yup that's why i am a noob


Just buy some Surge, cheapskate! Although, if you truly are poor, like me, you can use table sugar and some cheap protein powder. Just don't expect it to work as well as Surge.


well the thing is i am lactose intolerant... so i was wondering if i can have Surge


so hmm how much gatorade should i drink with my protein shake...


Try a 2:1 ratio. Meaning for every 1 gram of protein have 2 grams of sugar. Surge, for example has about 50g sugar and 25g of protein in it per serving.


I don't think it'll be a problem. Most people with lactose intolerance can handle protein powder, right?

At any rate, maybe you should just tell your GI tract to cowboy up.


To quote Roy D. Mercer "How big a boy are ya?"


You shouldn't have a problem with Surge.

I don't tolerate milk, but I can consume Surge and Metabolic Drive without a problem.