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Carb % Dedicated to Pre/PWO

Hi Guys. Just wanted to put out a feeler as to how much of your daily carb intake you get in pre and post workout.

I am mainly looking for the percentage you get in, in:
a) only the pre workout meal and PWO shake.
b) the pre workout meal, PWO shake and PPWO meal.

The way I currently have it, my preworkout meal and immediate PWO shake constitute 50% of my daily carbs. If I include the PPWO meal 1.5 hours later, it comes to 68%. Is that too much or is that ok? I workout in the morning and the rest of the day is fairly sedentary (desk job).



Id guess 75%+ for me.


Thanks for the info. Anyone else?



around 50%


Is that 50% including the PPWO meal?