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Carb Cycling

If I’m on a high frequency program and trying to lean out a slight bit before bulking some more would it be bad to be going very low carb?

For the last 6 months I’ve been eating only about 50-100 g. carbs a day, but according to the carb cycling article I should be eating about 160 g. on medium days, 110 on low, and around 200 on high days. I have not been seeing very good gains. Could I actually need more carbs? I have high bf (about 17%) so I don’t want to increase fat at all.

[quote]sarah1 wrote:
I have not been seeing very good gains.[/quote]

This is the key.

You said you were trying to lean out but you are on a high frequency plan. Those two don’t really pair up do they? Chances are you are not eating enough to support your workouts. You really need to chose one thing or the other.

If you want to continue your plan, up the carbs some until you see gains. If you want to continue leaning out- keep the carbs where they are and decrease your workouts some until you lean out to where you want to be.