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Carb Cycling


I'm going to start carb cycling like CT suggests in his artlce to shed some body fat. My question is, do I count fruit and veggies towards my total amount of carbs or no? I remember reading somewhere that you don't count those and only count things like rice, potatoes, etc.

Sorry if this is a dumb question. Thanks.


I'm doing the carb cycling as well, have just recently started though. Yes, you do count fruits and veggies. If I'm wrong...Well, fuckin' aye then.


Count them...especially the fruit. Even the vegetable carbs can make a difference (see the difference between spinach and corn?).


corn is technically a grain, not a veggie.

I wouldn't count non-starchy veggies, like spinach, broccoli, celery, etc. But DO count starchy veggies like potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, squash, parsnips, turnips, etc.


Does CT have any BF % cut offs for recommending carb cycling for gaining muscle mass.

I'm around 15-16%, would this plan work to bulk?


can someone point me to the article where CT talks about this...or is it from the old mutation series?



I've just started to carb cycle myself.
I hope it works.


What is the best ratio (%) for macro-nutriment, when you want to cut down?
Actually my ratio are: 30% protein, 20 fat and 50 carbs. Does my carbs are still to high? I take 3100 cal to cut down, (my lean weight is 197 pounds)
thank you!


lol....definately count fruit....lots of sugar there!!!!!

dont try to cheat with a question like that....lol......


what are the advantages of this vs the approach CT outlined in his Mutation Series/Beast Evolves.

i am thinking of following the protocol he followed for the Beast Series to loose some blubber, my only concern is that i have hockey twice a week and a long distance race i am training for


I would concur with a few others. I always count everything, especially fruit. Veggies, not so much, but fruit for sure due to the sugar content.


Technically it's both. It's a vegetable when it's ripe and eaten off of the cob or cooked. Once it's "dried" it becomes a grain, i.e. cornmeal, or pre-popped popcorn. Most people eat corn when it's still a vegetable, with the exception of popcorn or when it's processed into something like tortillas or corn chips.

If it has carbs in it - count them. How hard is that?


Twin Peak has commented on this question elsewhere. IHO one shouldn't worry about counting the carbs in the fruit towards the carbs alotted for that meal. If a couple weeks go by and progress isn't occuring, that would be something to change first to try and get better results. I do not count fruit toward my carbs in my low carb day carb meals and I have had no troubles thus far.


If you don`t want to count it - rules of thumb:
1- Fruits = Lumps of sugar
2- Green veggies grown above ground = No carbs (relatively).
3- Veggies grown underground = Carbs

And if you want to count, don`t forget to substract the fiber, which is not assimilated.