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carb cycling

Carb cycling seems to be one of the latest trends. Has anyone here tried it? For example day 1 - 300g carbs, day 2- 200g carbs, day 3- 100g carbs, then start over. This is done while keeping protein and fat intake constant. Is this similar to the refeed programs others have discussed on this site?

Jason, I’ve used that approach extensively in contest prep and it does work well. Obviously you keep protein and fat constant you automatically have some inherent calorie cycling as well. However, it still even seems to work well when calories are controlled by increasing either protein or fat to compensate for the change in carb intake.

Give it a try.

Thunder, can you give us some specifics, like a sample “typical” contest prep for someone who weighs, say, 200 pounds? I’m sure it’d be very informative…