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Carb Cycling?

Ok, i know im gonna get attacked for posting this but here we go anyway.

Can someone please explain to me how carb cycling works and how to even do it. I work out 6 times a week with my rest day being sunday. How would i incorporate carb cycling into this?

You eat more or less carbs depending on how demanding your day will be. Leg day typically has more carbs than lets say, an arm day. Since your carbs are going up and down, day to day, your calories will also fluctuate. Thats a very simplistic way to describe it, but essentially, thats it.

What elusive said, it’s simple. Carbs vary between low, medium and high. You can vary how many of each you use. I think it promotes better ‘lean’ gains, relative to a bulk where you’d eat 500g Carbs or whatever each day. More thorough explanation (IMO the only one you’ll need) is here: http://www.troponinnutrition.com/Shelby.pdf

Forget that’s about MMA fighters, and you’ll be able to piece together a plan from that. Good luck

Do people actually use the search function here???

Chris has wrote a great article on it http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/the_carb_cycling_codex

Hope this helps, it works too, Getting the balance between the macro’s takes a while.

Best of luck