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Carb Cycling


So I've been carb cycling for a little while now, and after reading Carb Cycling Codex, I'm a bit confused. The low carb days don't seem very low at all. For me, they come out to be about 213g of carbs on low days, 283 on moderate, and 353 on high days. My question is this: would I benefit from dropping carbs down even lower? Say down to ~50g...what do you guys think?


according t CT. carb cycling works optimally if you are under 10% bf, f not, it´s not the best choice. when you are at that level of leanness, your body can handle carbs very well, so one wouldn´t need to cut carbs too much in order to get leaner. that being said, i think CT recommends carb cycling for people who want to get a little leaner without losing muscle, or even gaining a little or people who want to put a little muscle on while not gaining any fat or losing a little, not for extreme fat loss phases (for that he recomended a low carb approach). So if you want to lose fat and you are above 10% bf, maybe try something else.

Hope this helps


Thanks for the response, eaboadar. My only problem is that the only measurements i’ve taken for bodyfat were on a bioelectric impedance machine. I took the test once at night time, after a workout (meaning i had taken in a lot of water over the day, and during the workout) and scored 10.3%. I took it once again, about a week later, in the morning after a workout, so obviously my total body water would have been less and thus, i was considered to have less lean mass, and scored a bf % of 13.1.

The reason i’m cycling is because I understand it’s the only way to essentially “clean bulk”. In a theoretical sense though, do you think that since my body handles carbs less efficiently than someone with say, 6% bf, I could just have lower carb days than those proposed on the site? I seem to function somewhat normally if I take in about 100g, so i’m not really worried about taking in too little in that sense. Any ideas?