Carb Cycling+Workout Timing

Hi, i understand that carbs should be lower on none workout days.

I understand carbs should be high in the morning and the 2 meals after a workout.

However looking at some of the guides it does not always mention what to eat pre work out?

For example if you’re a morning lifter its C+P, workout C+p, C+P,


Or if you’re a late lifter its C+P, P+F, P+F, P+F, workout P+C, P+C

So i guess carbs are not essential pre workout? i usually have oats/blueberrys and turkey 1 hour before my workout.

Also, are fish oil fats supplement count towards a P+F? or should i consume fish oil sups only on a P+F meal?

When discussing veg, i notice only green veg should be consumed in P+F, not carrots/sweetcorn and other vegs.
Is there an alternative to eat with my protein+fats? or will fish oil supps just do? :smiley:

personally I cycle carbs every week, i dont lift on mondays so i cut way back on sunday and monday the ncarb up on tuesday. Its good to get them sugars flowing through the body to give you that massive push during the lift. Also pre-workout i take a tbsp of honey and a little bit of oats and a scoop of protein. I take fishoil and flaxseed oil before i go to bed on a slightly empty stomach.

A mixture i had today was 12 oz chicken
2 oz spinach pasta
1 serving lentils
3 cups veggies
and next time il throw some peanuts into it too.

i would say eat most of your carbs in the morning and i sued to lift 6 a.m. so i would wake up at 5 and eat a serving of oats with a banana and a scoop of protein. Its what works for me, hope it helps you out.

yeah, i mean if you are eating only 3 carb meals a day you have to consume a lot of carbs, in those meals if you are going for 1.25-2g carb per pound of bodyweight.

also is that sample meal a P+F meal?

do you mean Protin + Fat?

ah, i was confused by the spinich part of it. thought it might just be a type of spinich :smiley: