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Carb Cycling With MAG-10


I still have some MAG-10 left over from when T-Nation sold off the last of it. I have been storing it waiting to use on a bulk at some point. I probably have like 4 bottles of it left, what would be the best way to utilize them?

Every time I have used it in the past, I seem to gain way too much fat. Like a 1:1 ratio of LBM to fat. Not ideal, especially with andro.

I have been reading some about CT and Tampa Terry Carb cycling plans over the last few days and was wondering if this approach would be a good one to use when adding MAG-10 into my supplement regimen.

Currently I am in week 4 of CW's TBT. Stitting around 155 with 15-16% BF by caliper. Been using Carbolin 19 for about 1.5 months and Alpha Male for 3 weeks or so..


Personally I don't think you should be using MAG-10 at 155 and 16% bodyfat. Just my take.


Just curious as to why that would be?

I am only 5'5" so I have some decent muscle, but just looking for the most effective way to use the MAG-10 that I have left over.

Should I just continue to hold on to it and use it later on??


I just don't think that's really so much muscle even for someone that's 5'5, especially at that bodyfat. Not that it's horrible by any means. But I think you could improve considerably without MAG-10. Though it would certainly aid and speed the process. I would personally wait and use it when you're bigger and leaner.


As I understand it, you use MAG-10 when the calories are HIGH. I wouldn't worry about the fat gains so much as the muscle gains, fat can be easily dieted off later down the road but muscle is hard to add on.

When you are ready to use it, just rev up the cals and use it.


I would probably agree with you, maybe I am just looking for an excuse to use some left over stock.

I definately can continue to improve without it. Perhaps I'll wait. It is tempting though.


Getting back to the original question though, would it be good to use with carb cycling??


Not ideal for a bulking cycle. You may have to live with a P-Ratio of 1:1 during the bulk, even with MAG-10. So if you are going to bulk now, your %BF will most likely maintain or increase. With MAG-10 you want to incease calories fairly substantially. This does not mean carb-cycling, this means additional Kcal intake every day during the cycle and tapering back to new maintenance post-cycle.


I'd suggest that you diet down to 12-13% BF (hey, summer's just around the corner) and begin the bulking cycle from there.