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Carb Cycling: Will This Work?

I’m 19 years old, been training for about 3 years now, and I am 6’1, about 182 LB. I’m trying to trim a little bit of fat, though I don’t have too much, while obviously retaining muscle (hopefully gains if possible), For my carb cycle, I was wondering if anyone could give me insight into my program.

My Split:
Day 1: Chest and Abs - Moderate Carb day - around my bodyweight, 170-200 g carbs spread over pre-WO, post-WO, and my following meal
Day 2: Back and Bi’s - Low Carb day - around 100-125g carbs, spread over pre-WO, and post- WO
Day 3: Legs and Abs - High carb day - at least my bodyweight, 180-250g carbs, breakfast, preWO, postWO, following meal
Day 4: Shoulders and Tri’s - Lower carb day, same as Back/Bi’s
Day 5: Off - No/very low carbs
Day 6: Full-body circuit - High carb day, same as leg day
Day 7: Off - No/very low carbs

  • Each day i have about 200-250g protein, and good fats in my meals later in the day from fish, cheese, nuts, etc. I rarely will ever have carbs past around 8pm

  • cardio about 3-4 times a week, either HIIT for 15 minutes in the morning after a protein shake and before breakfast, or stationary bike for 15 minutes after weights

  • Supplements: CLA, fish oil, Pre-workout (superpump), Purple-K, Animal Nitro, Glutamine, whey protein, casein protein, post-workout (universal torrent)

  • Hopefully thats enough info on my program, could ANYONE tell me if that will work well? I don’t want to lose weight, just a bit of fat, and I know i need to eat a bit more calories because I’ve lost a few unintentional pounds lately and i don’t want to sacrifice muscle.

  • Any insight is greatly appreciated, thanks guys

6’1", 182 lbs. …

Read the stickies in the beginner section. All of them.

You are one size over a toothpick. Put some muscle on first.

I didn’t read your split, as there are 101 programs on this site. Just pick one and follow it.

Well, thanks for your support. Despite the numbers, as I have lost 20 pounds since march during a big cut, I still have just a tiny bit of fat to trim. I still just want to know if that split and carb cycle will work for me. I can assure you i’m much larger than a toothpick

Sorry if your feeling were hurt. Truth usually does that.

Start reading the Beginner section. You really are not understanding that you are small. I’m only 2inches higher and I have over 30 pounds on you and I am considered small.

You want to loose that “little fat”, well, put on some muscle and it will go.

Your split is nothing earth shattering. Have fun with it. You are ingesting around 1800 calories (at the top end) not including fats. I find it a little low, but then again, you refuse to believe me that you need muscle.

Good luck with it, stick with it and let us know in a few months how it went.