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Carb Cycling While Training Twice a Day?

Hey Coach,

Recently I switched my focus and started to train twice a day for 6 days a week, its been going well, but I am still adjusting the time and volume and stuff to fit better.

My question is that would you recommend eating carbs only around the trainings, which is already almost all day, or you think that I should just eat as normal?

The thing is that I’m from central EU and I have never had fishes or even red meats as meals, mostly carbs and chicken, so even if my training is in the morning and I’m done with all my carbs by noun, I am going crazy the rest of the day because of no carbs, at least in the first few weeks, but that’s hard enough. So actually training twice a day and kinda doubling the carb frequency (not the amount of carbs) during the day is really working for me and I don’t see a negative side of it, but I’d like to hear your standpoint of this, what do you think?

My first session is at 8am so I eat carbs before, liquid carbs after and around 10-10:30 a carb meal. The second session is around 6 or 8 pm, and the procedure is the same. Trainings last between 25-35 minutes each.

Thanks in advance and have a strong day coach.

There’s your answer.

Wow crazy that you can recover from 6 days a week twice training per day :open_mouth:

@bigmax his sessions are only 25-35 minutes.

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Yeah sometimes I have to do 2 sessions because of the schedule. It worked better when I consumed carbs almost all day long

Proper nutrition and sleep is key, however sleep is not always top priority.
My sessions are really brief and short, I do 2 exercises per muscle group in the morning and two in the afternoon.

Yes, and from hormonal responses I don’t see a downside of eating carbs around the training even if its twice a day, but I just want to hear your opinions and experience as well.

I also switch back to once a day training for 5 days in every 2 weeks.

Well last week I did a double session and it was something like:
_Breakfast (carbs prots and fat)
_Shake (prots) and fruit just before weight session
_Post workout meal (prots and carbs)
_Pre crossfit meal (prots and carbs)
_Post Crossfit meal (prots and carbs and fat)

It actually went very well and I did the best performance of the box that WOD. But personnally training 6 times is already hard enough to recover I’m not planning on using double sessions often