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Carb Cycling while 330lbs During Lifting Days


i am obviously trying to shed unwanted fat and therefore and making my best effort to keep total calories in check and carbs low. However I am getting my strength back in the gym and want to know if I should still be getting some carbs in around my lifting days (before, during, or after). I am splitting my training days into 2 a day workouts and only consuming protein before and after my workout… my strength is going up and my waist seems a TINY bit smaller so far but does anyone have any quality input as to whether i should be consuming carbs during this period as well.



Need more info but generally at 330lbs get all your carbs pre/post workout and the rest of the day go zero carb(excluding greens/veg etc)


what more info do you need? let me know and thanks for the input!


i also keep reading that i should calculate calories based on lean body mass or a projected weight - ie. something like 250lbs would be a good lean weight to work on, so that would be 3750 calories (seems a little high) or around 300 grams of protein… not sure how to calculate carbs based on that weight though


At the stage youre at its more about making clean food choices/cutting all junk, controlling carbs and getting into a routine of traning your ass off than focus on calorie restriction. Follow these guidelines…


If you can fit intermittent fasting in your schedule it will be an easy way to lose weight without counting calories


thanks Rampant, i read the 100 gram carb cure and will probably give that one a try…